May 22, 2019

Stage 1 of the Club Refurbishment

Stage 1 of the Club Refurbishment starts on Monday May 20th.

At a cost of $5 million the entire ground floor and façade will be refurbished over the coming 10 months. The first phase involves hoarding the ground floor lounge to create a new gaming room.

As a result, the ground floor lounge will relocate to the auditorium on Level 1. This means, TAB, Keno, big screen and raffle will relocate. On May 20th we will not be able to offer lounge, TAB or Keno facilities.
Activities currently in the auditorium will move to Sunsets on Level 2. This includes bingo, mahjong and functions.

These changes provide operational issues to overcome. As a result, some changes will be implemented for the betterment of the Club:

  • Male toilets on the ground floor will temporarily be unavailable. Males will need to use the disabled toilets or use the male facilities on Level 1 or Level 2. The first work to be completed is new toilets on the ground floor; as soon as this is done they will be opened for use.
  • The TAB will become ticketless. The terminal in the Bistro bar will be used for payouts, the EBT will be available to place bets and patrons can wager using the TAB app.
  • We are investing in new equipment for Members. In the TAB we will have a digital form screen instead of printed wall sheets to provide the latest racing form. For Keno players we will have a self-service terminal to place bets.
  • We will no longer be able to accommodate overnight storage of meat trays won in the raffle. You are welcome to leave trays in the raffle fridge until close, after which they will be disposed of. We do not have appropriate refrigeration for overnight food storage so now is an appropriate time for us to end this practice.
  • With Bingo being moved upstairs and snooker competitions and functions using the same area, we are not able to accommodate the Tuesday night Bingo session. This will temporarily be cancelled and will return when we have the space available.

We apologise for the inconvenience with the changes above but look forward to providing you with a much improved Club once work is complete.