May 22, 2019

Phase 1 of Stage 1

Phase 1 of the refurbishment includes new ground floor toilets, a new gaming room and a section of the foyer.

Restrooms, powderooms, water closets… we can try and make them sound pleasant but let’s just call them what they are – toilets.

Whilst not an area of the Club you want to spend a lot of time, having pleasant toilet facilities in a venue makes a big difference as to how much you enjoy your visit.

No expense has been spared in the creation of our new toilets. We have listened to feedback from Members and completed research with other venues to provide what we feel will be very impressive facilities.

Our female members will be especially pleased, with each ladies cubicle having its own vanity. This will provide a bench for handbags, plus the privacy of a basin and mirror within the cubicle.

Another important feature of our toilets is no entry doors. There is nothing worse after washing your hands than opening a door to leave, and you suspect that person who left in front of you may have forgotten to wash their hands!

Also to be completed in Stage 1 is a new gaming floor. As well as providing a fresh new look, this will also increase the number of machines we can offer in the new alfresco area. This is important for the financial viability of the Club as these machines are much more popular. Currently, we only have 12 outdoor machines whilst our competitors offer significantly more.

In Phase 1 we will also start work on a corner of the foyer. This will be to relocate fire and electrical services to allow for additional glazing in the foyer to improve our street appeal. This will also provide more space and visibility for a new veteran’s memorial in the foyer.

Following completion of Phase 1 which will take 4-5 months, we move onto Phase 2. This phase will be an additional 4-5 months and involves a new café/bar on the ground floor, completion of the foyer and a new façade.

Pictured: An artist’s impression of the Club entry. The entry ramp will be improved and will feature glazing adjacent.
This will provide passing traffic with a view into the foyer and the veteran’s memorial.
The rest of the ground floor façade will be large bi-fold windows opening onto the new café & bar.